Great British Bake Off Audition

Another post before the New Year is in 🙂  I think I’m getting blogging and baking withdrawal symptoms as John and I have been away from home for 10 days now and I’m itching to get back to my kitchen!  I don’t start work again until the 7th of January, so baking is going to be my main focus from the 2nd January to the 6th 🙂  I thought I’d take the lull in baking as an opportunity to tell you about an exciting day I recently attended in London.  At the end of November I applied for the ‘Great British Bake Off’.  To my non-UK friends, this is a programme in which 12 amateur bakers take part in baking challenges (different types of bake each week), until one is eventually crowned the winner.  Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are the judges (queen and king of all things baking) and they set the bakers a challenge each week.  In the last series, these challenges included making an 8 strand plaited loaf and chocolate teacakes (scary!)  I would not be surprised if other countries ended up with their own version of the programme, as it has been phenomenally successful after 3 series’ here.

I filled in the application and after around a week, I received a phonecall and went through a telephone interview where I was asked all sorts of things about my baking and also some technical questions (such as: what are the main ingredients in bread?  What are the ingredients in chocolate ganache?)  I am proud to say that I got all the technical questions correct!  After the phone interview I was invited up to London to attend one of the first round auditions.  For the audition we were asked to bring with us one sweet and one savoury bake.  I have to admit, I found the savoury bake quite hard to decide.  I don’t make a lot of bread, which may have been the obvious choice.  I decided eventually one mini lemon sponges with lemon curd mascarpone cream and spiced cheese and nut biscuits.  In the near future I’ll do a blog post that features both these recipes 🙂  On arriving to the audition, it was clear that some people had gone all out to impress.  I think my bakes held up though!  Everyone that I met during the process, from the other auditionees to the producers of the programme were absolutely lovely.  The audition involved a short chat with some of the producers about what you brought with you and about your baking in general.  I was honest when talking to them and their feedback was that they liked what I baked, however I didn’t make it through to the next stage as they felt I needed more experience in certain areas of baking, which is fair enough.  I think that this blog will help with that!

I had a great experience at the audition and I’m pleased to have made the cut from the thousands that applied, down to the first audition.  I may apply again next year, but in the meantime I’m going to enjoy developing!

Have a fantastic evening everyone whatever you are doing.  Happy New Year and here’s to 2013!


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